About Us

Date of Incorporation : 7 March 1979

"Syarikat Suit Far Trading is also a well established and high profiling company that is also part of the business of air conditioners and is also based in Malaysia, Perak, Kampar. The company has previously made headlines for doing exceptionally well since it started off. It is recognized for its expertise and remarkable customer services. One interesting thing about the already existing feedbacks about this company is the fact that they emphasize on two main aspects: excellent repairs and proper maintenance services. The company has also been identified to be providing quality customer services. What's more, it has also been on the front line trying to deliver quality services and has also been involved in dealing with different residential and even non profitable organizations providing them with long term air conditioning repair and maintenance services.

The company works closely with its team of highly skilled and well experienced professionals. The company's professional are well trained, skilled and have vast experience hence are always able to meet the expectations of customers. This is actually the reason why airboy has been successful in retaining customers. The company is focused more on air cons repairing, servicing, installation and maintenance. It is also well known for its ability to handle both residential as well as commercial A/C requirements. The company guarantees customers long term solutions regardless of the problems they are experiencing with their air cons.

The expertise of Syarikat Suit Far Trading Is also associated with reliable contract. Take note, any air con unit that has not been thoroughly serviced at least once in six months of active use is subject to extensive damage. This is why it is highly advised that in case you interested in using air cons you should only opt for those that are associated with professional services and guarantees you solutions or alternatives when mechanical failures take over. Remember, the basic service categories of airboy provide include: repairs and maintenance services on yearly contracts, chemical cleaning services for all types of Air conditioners, performance testing and checking for possible air con faults as well as general servicing of the units."